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Oops something went wrong Cheese and Rice ! You've ruined my scene, and you can't seem to find the page you're looking for! You have 3 options Click here to go back to where you were before Go back to the Brilliant Home Page Stay with me and we can watch paint dry . Another scene features the original X-Men pondering their future, not to mention their present. Bendis also breaks away to thaw out the relationship between Piotr and Illyana Rasputin, reinstating the bond the siblings once shared that has long been absent from the franchise. The arrival of Magneto is gorgeously composed by Chris Bachalo and its foreboding appearance gives way to a surprising if convenient pivotal moment; the moment is also strikingly colored. Error: .

Bendis takes thirty-six pages to wrap up the events from both of his X-Men titles, and although it features the entirety of his mutant cast there are no action-packed battle sequences or continuity-altering events; instead, he focuses on selected characters and sends them off into the proverbial mutant sunset, nevermind that all of it may have been rendered moot by the final multiversal incursion that kicked off Secret Wars. URI: /beyondthefartheststar1982cbr . One such flashback (albeit only twenty minutes earlier) features Bobby Drake having a heart-to-heart talk with himself that is, his past self and his current one about his sexuality. You are reading: Uncanny X-Men #600 Please Share Tweet Comment Next TOP CBR Follow us Newsletter Search CBR Exclusives Comics News Previews Reviews Movies News Reviews TV News Reviews Lists Quizzes Videos Community Follow us Newsletter Write For Us Terms Privacy Contact Us Copyright 2017 CBR.com Leave A Comment ShareOn Facebook Tweet Pint It Email Comment Uncanny X-Men #600 11.05.2015 byJim Johnson inComic Reviews Comment Story by Brian Michael Bendis Art by Chris Bachalo, David Marquez, Frazer Irving, Kris Anka, Mahmud Asrar, Mark Irwin, Sara Pichelli, Stuart Immonen, Tim Townsend, and Wade Von Grawbadger Colors by Chris Bachalo, Frazer Irving, Jason Keith, and Marte Gracia Letters by Joe Caramagna Cover by Chris Bachalo and Jaime Mendoza Publisher Marvel Comics 2015-11-04 Browse Similar Reviews ShareOn Facebook Tweet Pint It Email Comment The All-New, All-Different Marvel relaunch was supposed to begin after the conclusion of Secret Wars, which in turn was scheduled to start after the final issues of the Marvel Now titles, among them Uncanny X-Men #600. Dear visitor, you have not login. Status code: 405 .. The X-Men are at a crossroads. Navigation Menu Home Latest Posts Latest Comments News & Articles Top News The Walking Dead #1-165 + Specials (2003-2017)Fables #1-150 (2002-2015)Saga #1-42 (2012-2017)Superior Spider-Man #1-33 + Annual #1-2 (2013-2014) CompleteInjustice - Gods Among Us - Year Two #1-24 + Annual (2014) CompleteCrossed - Badlands #1-100 + Annuals + Specials (2012-2016) CompleteAmazing Spider-Man #1-20.1 + Annual + Specials (2014-2015) CompleteInjustice - Gods Among Us #1-36 + Annual (2013-2014) CompleteBatman v2 #0-52 + Annual #1-4 + Specials (2011-2016)Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1-30 (2014-2016) Latest News Magneto - Dark Seduction #1-4 (2000) CompleteCaptain America & the Korvac Saga #1-4 (2011) CompleteSpider-Man - The Lost Years #0-3 (1995-1996) CompleteMarvel One-shot Collection (Part 2)Don't Go Where I Can't Follow (2015)Hellbound Lifestyle (2016)The Demon v02 - The Longest Day (2016)bel Blatt Omnibus v00 (2015)Young Albert (2012)The Complete Nemesis the Warlock v01-v03 (2008-2012) Complete Featured News Peanuts Every Sunday - 1952-1955 v1 (2013)Angel Blood and Trenches #1-4 (2009) CompleteStar Wars - Jedi Academy - Leviathan #1-4 (Marvel Edition) (2015) CompleteWinter City - Every Sin Has a Price #1-8 (2013-2014) CompleteMythos (2016)Fallout - New Vegas - All Roads (2010)Grant Morrison's 18 Days #1-18 + Scriptbook (2014-2016)Drones #1-2 (2016-2017)Captain America - The Chosen #1-6 (2007-2008) CompleteMail v01-v03 (2006-2007) News Archives March 2017 (776)February 2017 (487)January 2017 (460)December 2016 (457)November 2016 (345)October 2016 (514)September 2016 (463)August 2016 (467)July 2016 (410)June 2016 (372)May 2016 (394)April 2016 (368)March 2016 (367)February 2016 (385)January 2016 (455)December 2015 (468)November 2015 (282)October 2015 (516)September 2015 (255)August 2015 (359)July 2015 (306)June 2015 (225)May 2015 (371)April 2015 (376)March 2015 (358)February 2015 (277)January 2015 (251)December 2014 (380)November 2014 (246)October 2014 (300)September 2014 (273)August 2014 (251)July 2014 (148)June 2014 (92)May 2014 (257)April 2014 (169)March 2014 (188)February 2014 (209)January 2014 (160)December 2013 (147)November 2013 (134)October 2013 (156)September 2013 (95)August 2013 (154)July 2013 (267)June 2013 (113)May 2013 (149)April 2013 (181)March 2013 (252)February 2013 (89)January 2013 (113)December 2012 (75)November 2012 (25)October 2012 (59)September 2012 (13)Show all archives Daily Posts March 2017MonTueWedThuFriSatSun12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 Tag Keywords 12-gauge, 1800, Aircel, Alternative Comics, American Comics Group(ACG), Arrow Books, Art of Fiction, Batman, Berserker Comics, Cartoon Books, Comix Tribe, Contraband, Dead Soldier, Desperado, Drawn and Quarterly, Eclipse Books, Evil Twin Comics, Grayhaven, Green Arrow, H.P. With 1024 x 768 & higher screen resolutions. Disappointingly, though, Bendis chooses not to address or resolve the teams ongoing time travel problem, although it may have been rendered moot by the final multiversal incursion anyway.

(Not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and older) . Its inclusion only seems relevant for its now-ironic and unintended allusions to Bobbys true sexuality and his thoughts about Warren Worthington, in particular but its point is otherwise moot without the benefit of a multiversal incursion. Processing, Please wait. Lovecraft, Hermes Press, Jetcity Comics, Kick-Ass, Lightning, Mark Millar, Mecha, NBM, NBM Publishing, New 52, Northwest Press, Now, Penny Farthing Press, Quality, Rabbit Hole, Robin, SC, Sirius, Star Wars, Virtual Graphics, Watchmen Show all tags Copyright 2011-2017 BookGN.com. DMCA This Website is best viewed on Firefox 4.0 & higher, Internet Explorer 8 & higher , Opera 10 & higher, Safari 4 & higher and Google Chrome. There is a resolution of sorts to the series ongoing plot revolving Cyclops movement to lead a mutant revolution, which while a little too simple has a sort of feel-good vibe that stands nicely against the usual mutant/human skirmishes and conflicts. Uncanny X-Men #600 isnt the grand finale it could have been, but as a moderately refreshing alternative to a lot of fists and explosions its still a pretty strong one. Home Terms Privacy Copyright Contact Us FindaComicShop.com Copyright 2017 CBR Write For Us "Join the the world's most exclusive & effective contribution program." .

Cyclops mutant revolution has come to an end, at least for now. ShareOn Facebook Tweet Pint It Email Comment Related articles in Reviews Unworthy Thor #4: Marvels Odinson Wont Be Unworthy for Much Longer 3 REVIEW: Angry & Restless, Darth Mauls Menace Shines in Series Debut 3 Family Downtime Highlights Satisfying, Shocking Batman #16 3 The Mighty Captain Marvel #1 Flies Harder, Further, Faster 3 IDWs Animal Noir #1 Presents a Mystery Like No Other 3 Trending Videos On CBR 10 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Made Movies Way Better 3 10 Superheroes Who Could Defeat Wonder Woman 3 10 Superhero Movie Characters Who Could Defeat Batman 3 10 Sci-Fi Movie Lies That Drive Scientists Crazy 3 On CBR.com Trending Latest Comic Books The Strangest X-Men Action Figures 3 Han Solo Movie Adds Sing Streets Ian Kenny 3 15 Classic Cartoons That Deserve the Netflix Treatment 3 15 Amazing Forgotten Cartoons From The 80s 3 Ghost in the Shell: Major Doesnt Know Who to Trust in Final Trailer 3 Uncanny X-Men #600 3 Trending Now 15 Classic Cartoons That Deserve the Netflix Treatment 3 15 MCU Moments Worse Than Anything In Iron Fist 3 15 Amazing Forgotten Cartoons From The 80s 3 . As it turns out, all three are being published concurrently, but a little scheduling snafu doesnt stop Brian Michael Bendis from finishing off his run in a low-key but satisfying way, even if it takes over a dozen artists to do so. The final page of the sequence is beautifully laid out by Stuart Immonen and bleeds with romantic tension. And not everyone will make it through in one piece.

Sign Up FREE Forgot Password? LOG IN Don't remember me! Welcome to BookGN.com Home Register Contact Us FAQ Contact Form Book GN Ooops, Error! Requested page was not found. Home Terms Privacy Copyright Contact Us FindaComicShop.com Copyright 2017 CBR Write For Us "Join the the world's most exclusive & effective contribution program." . .. .. While the confrontation falls victim to an overly long decompression, its duration is masked somewhat by shifting to its various flashbacks. The scene is the culmination of Bendis subplot where younger Bobby realizes hes gay, much to the dismay of his older self, who has kept this part of himself hidden all of these years. HomeAbout Us Company Company Info About Us Contact Us Advertise with Us Using Our Content Licensing & Reprints Terms of Use and Sale Copyright Policy Privacy Policy Network Top Ten Reviews Tom's Guide Laptop Mag Tom's Hardware Business News Daily Tom's IT Pro Space.com Live Science Active Junky ShopSavvy AnandTech FOLLOW US SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSARAMA SUBMIT Copyright All Rights Reserved.. 9727c683f6
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